The ability to retrofit the iCONTROL™ building automation system as part of a major refurbishment of the Holiday Inn, in Surfers Paradise, last year was one of the reasons why Queensland’s Raptis Group selected the HPM system.

According to chief engineer Mark Mason, other advantages were the energy saving features of iControl, and the operational consistency of having one system and supplier for the hotel.

The 18-month refurbishment of the 20-year-old building involved installing iControl automated lighting in the lobby, new Scirocco restaurant, ballrooms and function rooms on levels two and four, as well as a new reception area and external entrance and driveway.

Mason says a perfect example of iControl providing significant energy savings for the hotel was the use of an astronomical clock in the hotel’s driveway, which turns lights off and on depending on the time of sunset and sunrise each day of the year.

HPM manager on the Holiday Inn project Neil McAlister said energy management by dimming and turning off lights as needed gives a reduction in power useage of between 5-10 percent. “In a commercial situation energy management and reduced maintenance through prolonged lamp life, has a clear bearing on running costs,” McAlister says, adding there was also no need for staff to intervene in adjusting lighting for different needs throughout the day.