Time is a hot commodity in the construction industry. Architects, engineers, and building contractors are responsible for meeting tight deadlines while maintaining regulatory compliance and meeting customer expectations. This makes the ability to streamline print management and production processes without quality reduction a top priority.

With these pain points in mind, HP is always working to create better solutions for AEC business print workflows. The latest contribution to this effort is the DesignJet T850 and T950 printer series. Here, we'll explore how the varied features of these printers work to streamline print management and help AEC professionals save time.

Understanding ‘workflow efficiency’

The print management process is a series of steps that occur between placing an order and receiving the final prints. The process is time-consuming and prone to errors. Workflow efficiency measures how quickly these interconnected steps can be performed without errors.

The challenges companies face

Print management in the AEC industry often requires input from multiple decision-makers, including stakeholders, architects, property owners, and general contractors. Change orders are also common, presenting version control issues related to the circulation of multiple files. A process that involves so many people and working parts is more prone to errors that can crop up along the way.

New T-Series printer solution

From quicker printing and seamless integrations to improved collaboration and print workflow automation, the T850 and T950 printer series are designed to transform print management workflows for accurate and cost-effective printing performed in a fraction of the time. New features eliminate steps in the process and improve collaboration to reduce errors.

How do the T850 and T950 printers streamline workflows?

Efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand. The HP DesignJet T80 and T950 printers are designed to boost productivity and maximise agility while promoting sustainable practices. Features in the new T-Series printers work to reduce time consumption and the potential for error to streamline print management workflows.

Fewer printing steps with HP Click

HP Click printing software enables users to easily submit jobs with driverless and multi-page/multi-file printing in fewer steps. Automated features such as orientation and alignment settings, file error warnings, and print preview help streamline the process by preventing time-consuming errors.

Includes a front-loading scanner

T850 and T950 multi-function plotters feature a front-loading scanner that allows users to load and remove documents easily.

Sharing documents with stakeholders across the world

When connected to the HP Smart App, you can print and share documents from anywhere to:

  • Get approvals
  • Automate tasks
  • Streamline communications

Reducing errors due to limited communication can help you save time and money.

Enhanced collaboration among teams and clients

HP allows you to print and share from anywhere, taking the guesswork out of communications. Share files remotely to reduce travel time and miscommunication for faster, more efficient printing workflows.

Support hybrid, mobile, and flex workgroups

Modern workforces are changing. Five in ten employees work a hybrid role, and three in ten work exclusively remotely. The distributed work team effect is magnified in the AEC industry when employees are scattered across work sites, offices, and even remote locations.

Other decision-makers, such as stakeholders and property owners, are also often in diverse locations. With the ability to safely share files and print remotely, AEC businesses can support hybrid workforces and improve communications between mobile and flex workgroups to streamline print management.

Includes efficient CAD file and render printing at A3-A1 sizes

With support for A1 through A3 paper sizes, T850/T950 printers enable easy switching between paper sizes and document types without time-consuming setup requirements.

Larger ink tank to reduce frequent cartridge changes

T850/T950 DesignJet T-Series printers feature 130- or 300-mL ink cartridges that require fewer ink interventions, minimising downtime, interruptions, and waste.

Enhanced printer safety with HP Wolf Pro Security

Remote communications are essential for efficiency, and the new T-Series printers eliminate related security concerns. HP Wolf Security applies an advanced threat containment strategy that combines unique CPU-enforced isolation technology with security features embedded into hardware to provide a fortress of protection that most threats find impenetrable.

Importance of preventing cyberattacks for workflow efficiency

Cyberattacks cause substantial downtime and data loss that cost companies thousands of dollars and affect workflows long after the attack has been resolved. The average cost of downtime due to an attack is USD 88,000 per hour. Cyberattacks can also lead to regulatory fines and additional time spent working to meet compliance regulations.

Reduced downtime offers time savings on project work

Downtime is one of the biggest factors in poor efficiency. T850 and T950 printers are designed with an array of features focused on reducing downtime to streamline printing. From print setup to maintenance and ink cartridge and paper roll changes, the latest T-Series printers address the typical reasons for downtime.

Integrated input and output trays enable users to seamlessly switch paper sizes within a project without stopping to change rolls. Users can also save time with print workflow automation that allows them to automate on/off timing and ink maintenance routines. One-click shortcuts from the intuitive front panel further streamline print management and contribute to rapid workflows produced by faster print speeds.

Integration into existing workflows

The introduction of a new tool shouldn't require the adoption of entirely new workflows. Integration with existing software and devices is essential to streamline printing processes.

Which professional workflows can T850 and T950 printers seamlessly integrate into?

DesignJet T850 and T950 series printers and plotters are designed to be compatible with AEC industry-standard software and integrate with the vast majority of enterprise-grade devices.

Reach out today to enquire about the DesignJet T850 and T950 printer series

The DesignJet T850 and T950 series printers combine an array of user-friendly features with rapid print speeds to streamline print management and improve overall efficiency. Reach out to HP to learn more about how the new T-Series printers and plotters can help you meet your productivity goals.