HP DesignJet ink and media

HP DesignJet printer ink is designed together with your HP DesignJet printer or plotter to deliver consistently high-quality prints on a wide range of media – saving you time and money, and ensuring your customers' satisfaction.

Original HP ink makes a difference

Printing problems put delivery at risk and can cost you time, money, and clients. HP DesignJet printer ink is designed to get the job done right the first time, every time.

Outstanding fine line detail and vivid colours with HP Flex Tech Inks

Gain all the advantages of top quality, impressive durability, and improved sustainability with HP Flex Tech Inks. Whether you’re printing technical drawings, blueprints, maps, presentations, or even posters, use these inks to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively.

HP Flex Tech Inks

Excellent quality across applications

Achieve outstanding fine line detail, bold blacks, distinguishable greys, and vivid colours with HP Flex Tech Inks. Accommodate different applications such as technical drawings, blueprints, maps, presentations, and even posters.

Durable ink performance

Confidently share prints with outstanding light and water fastness, print permanence, and resistance to smudging and highlighter bleed.

Sustainability progress

You can reduce your environmental impact. HP Flex Tech Inks are the first inks in the technical large-format market to meet UL ECOLOGO® Certification. Unlabelled cartridges make it easier to recycle. And it’s free with the HP Planet Partners Program.

Accurate lines and bright colours with HP Bright Office Inks

Designed to support the way you work, HP Bright Office Inks render outstanding quality together with bright, finely distinguishable colours. Meet last-minute deadlines with inks that deliver high-quality results and perform to your expectations.

HP Bright Office Inks

Outstanding line quality, details, and letters

Prevent miscommunication – get outstanding patterns and line quality, with up to 31% more accurate lines, and see depth and dimension with up to 24% more line density.

Bright and distinguishable colours

See distinct colour/features on maps, plans with brightest dye-based colour inks, with up to 65% more gamut. Work with the best colour distinction, with up to 84% higher chroma and up to 73% more saturation.

Durable/reliable performance, and recyclable

100-year plain-paper archivability and ISO certified HP permanent and water-resistant black ink. Use up to 95% less ink for servicing and maintenance.

Professional, high-definition prints with HP Vivid Photo Inks

Deliver high quality from amazing photos to high-definition prints using pigment-based HP Vivid Photo Inks with RGB colours. Original HP inks are designed to maximise the life of HP printheads and provide full HP warranty protection.

HP Vivid Photo Inks

Lower costs

Original HP inks are designed together with your HP DesignJet printer or plotter to produce consistent results. With reliable performance, you can minimise waste and downtime. Choose from cartridge sizes tailored to fit your needs and budget – including high-capacity cartridges and multipacks designed for economical, high-volume printing.

Protect your investment

Ink properties are critical to every part of the printing system. While non-HP inks may cost less per litre, they can cause frequent printhead replacement, unsellable prints – wasting time and money – and increased printer downtime and maintenance.

Print responsibly

From our global recycling initiatives, to our specially engineered cartridges made of recycled materials and water-based inks, Original HP inks are designed with the environment in mind.

HP large-format printing materials

From photo papers to banners to backlit materials, HP offers a range of printing materials designed together with Original HP inks to ensure the right print the first time, every time.