Herma Technologies  and iizel of Korea have announced the introduction of the complete range of iizel weatherproof TV’s and high brightness indoor LCD monitors to Australia and New Zealand.

These iizel weatherproof IP56 rated TVs are available in two ranges, those being the standard range and the Thermo range. Both ranges are available in 32” and 42” with 1366 by 768 resolution as well as a 42”, 47”, 52”, 57” and 70” all with Full HD 1080P resolutions.
The standard range is designed to work from +45 Degrees C to Zero Degrees, while the Thermo range extends the lower temperature down to -20 Degrees C.

All iizel weatherproof TV products include an analogue and a standard definition digital TV tuner that works in Australia and they also include all the most popular interfaces, including composite video, component video, HDMI, SCART, PC-VGA , RS232C as well as the antenna connection for TV.

Also available across all units are optional speakers and a theft resistant locking wall mount bracket.

Complementing the outdoor offering is a range of indoor, high brightness displays that are suitable for mounting inside shop windows to display digital content to customers walking by. These 1,500 nits bright displays are ideal for use in Real Estate agents windows showing currently available properties for example.

iiZel’s company name is new to Australia and New Zealand but they have sold weatherproof TVs across Europe and the USA under their own name as well as being OEM’d to Aquivo in the UK.

Stephen Eun, Director and Chief Operating Officer of iizel Co Ltd said “Australia and New Zealand are important countries for iizel and we’re pleased to be working with Herma Technologies as our distributor there.

“The potential for our current products is large and we’re focused on constant innovation in the outdoor display market, so our customers can look forward to us expanding the range further to provide the right solution for their needs.”

Carlinea Williamson, Herma Technologies Managing Director, said "Iizel is a great addition to the Herma range - their ability to build products to suit both indoor and outdoor high brightness applications fits really well with our own ability to customise. The sets are well built, stylish and technically deliver a great result. "

iizel weatherproof TVs are suitable for many applications.

For instance:

  • Hotels and clubs in their outdoor entertainment areas
  • In the luxury home market for use around pools and spas
  • In theme and amusement parks
  • Outdoor areas in museums, zoos and arcades
  • At concerts and festivals
  • Around race tracks, sports clubs, stadiums and football grounds
  • At conferences and exhibitions
  • And also in medical services and heavy industrial areas

The iizel range will be in stock at Herma Technologies in late May 2008.