Now available from Herma Technologies , Panamorph DC1 anamorphic lenses have been designed to maximise light transmission with a new angled corrector. The contrast has also been further improved with new optics and improved optical coatings, offering high contrast expansion due to enhanced custom, multilayer dielectric coatings in a patented optical design.

It is also a fully sealed anamorphic lens. This Panamorph exclusive design has created a sealed optical path to minimise contaminants that degrade contrast. All of this is packaged together into a sleek, elegant, finely finished, and contemporary design.

DC1 anamorphic lenses are fully compatible with Panamorph's high performance anamorphic transports and mounting kits that are sold with the UH480 lens.

Here are some install tips for those considering using the DC1 or UH480 lenses in an install:

  • Minimum throw should be at least 1.6X the native 16:9 image width, or 2.85X the entire screen height
  • Throw may be reduced to 1.3X the native image width (or 2.3X the screen height) with use of a curved screen
Throw distance should be between 3.65m – 6.0m. If a longer throw distance is required, optional conversion kits are available from Panamorph at an additional cost.

More information is available from Herma Technologies.