The Panamorph UH480 anamorphic lens and automatic transport available from Herma Technologies are designed to deliver a superior home cinema viewing experience.    

Screening movies on an LP Morgan 2.40:1 screen by combining the projector’s onboard scaling and Panamorph anamorphic lens gives amazing results for the viewer.  

Advantages in cinema viewing with the Panamorph UH480 anamorphic lens: 

  • No black bars on the screen
  • 33% wider image
  • Overall 80% increase in active viewing area
  • Motorised sled enables full screen viewing, full brightness 16:9 images and full screen, full brightness 2.40:1 images
  • Seamless movement between the two via an IR remote

Panamorph is shortly introducing the DC1 lens, a new standard in enhanced performance lens.  

Advantages of DC1 lens: 

  • High contrast expansion lens from enhanced custom multilayer dielectric coatings in a patented optical design
  • Sealed optical path to minimise contaminants that degrade contrast and precision tolerance optics
  • Plug-and-play user-friendly installation  
  • Industry-leading high quality Horizontal Expansion lens

DC1 lens will be available in January 2011 from Herma Technologies.  

Anamorphic lenses can be combined with 3D capability for an excellent immersive viewing experience.  

Anamorphic and 3D are complementary technologies designed to create immersive viewing experiences.  

For the complete 3D viewing experience, the 3D display is an important factor. Panamorph anamorphic lens can be combined with the soon-to-be-available 3D home theatre projectors to create an incredible in-home 3D experience.