Herma Technologies  offers LP Morgan CineTheatre motorised leather recliner chairs that are ideal for use in residential home theatres.

These reclining home cinema chairs have been designed from the ground up and are available in a simplified colour range of Noir, Crème and Cocoa, suiting modern interior decorating trends.

These super comfy automated recliners utilise a modular system that allows the design and configuration of the exact number / layout of seating requirements of customer.

LP Morgan CineTheatre leather motorised recliner chairs feature a two stage recliner action – first the footrest extends then the back reclines, with an actuator that operates the mechanism slowly as a safety feature and for long product life. When fully extended the back of the seat requires an additional 175mm of space.

The seats and arms are covered in quality leather while the back and sides are covered in leatherette. Each recliner contains a drink holder, an all-steel recliner mechanism and low voltage power pack.

The LP Morgan Club Lounges are available in a straight or curved configuration. The curved seating option gives a more immersive and involved, enjoyable feel to the whole home theatre experience.