In recent years, the popularity of wood plastic composite (WPC) as a flooring solution has grown at a rapid pace. However, a number of critical performance shortcomings act as barriers to its widespread uptake. As such, the design and construction industry is developing the next generation of hybrid vinyl plank solutions, which use a stone plastic composite (SPC) to deliver performance where WPC falls short. 

Design, meet durability: Introducing a new generation of hybrid vinyl planks is a critical look at WPC hybrid vinyl planks as a flooring solution and an incisive summary of the performance categories in which SPC outperforms conventional hybrid vinyl plank solutions. In this whitepaper, a brief description of WPC and its benefits as a flooring solution is provided, followed by discussion of its performance shortcomings and practical drawbacks. The whitepaper also draws direct comparisons between SPC and WPC, particularly in regards to how the former outperforms the latter in terms of durability and dimensional stability.

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To learn the full extent of performance, durability, and aesthetic benefits that SPC hybrid vinyl planks can bring to your next project, download this free whitepaper.