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    Heartridge Floors

    Luxury vinyl plank flooring

    Whether you’re renovating an existing home, building a new dwelling from the ground up or working on an architectural project, the colour and quality of the flooring is an important decision, one that is very rarely made in isolation. The size of the space, its location relative to factors such as the sun, its intended use, as well as who will be using the space, are a few questions that may arise when deciding on the perfect floor.

    Our three versatile luxury vinyl plank ranges allow you to choose the perfect colour for any décor. The rich and beautiful texture of these planks are crafted using detailed embossing, a low gloss finish and a micro-bevelled edge on all sides of the plank.

    The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

    We recognise the importance of providing high quality products to your clients and pride ourselves on our environmental and safety related credentials. That is why we utilise only the safest of materials and substances so that you can share in the confidence of choosing a product with superior composition.

    As such, all of our manufacturing partners take great pride in their policy of using only terephthalates (DOTP) based plasticisers which are considered to have no harmful health effects, hence their safe use in children’s toys and water bottles. This results in a safer and more consumer friendly product for your clients.

    Similarly, the issue of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and in particular, formaldehyde, is of great concern to us, and we endeavour to source only products that meet globally accepted safety standards for VOC content. Both E₀ and E₁ Classes are considered to be safe levels of emissions.

    The above is why we have had all of our Heartridge flooring products tested and we are proud to state that our luxury vinyl products have achieved a rating of E₀.

    Heartridge Luxury Vinyl Planks and Dimensional Stability

    All our luxury vinyl products have been tested for their dimensional stability. The test method involves heating the vinyl sample to 80⁰C for 6 hours then allowing it to cool to room temperature (23⁰C) for 24 hours before taking a measurement of the expansion rate and expressing this as a percentage.

    Our luxury vinyl planks achieved an incredibly impressive result of 0.02% in the length (and 0.03% in the width).

    Smoked Oak, Australian Timber and Natural Oak

    Smoked Oak

    At a length of 1.2m, Heartridge Smoked Oak offers 6 unique decors to suit a variety of spaces. Capturing the elegance of nature, the Smoked Oak range is inspired by genuine timber flooring and crafted with detailed embossing and a low gloss finish, providing a rich and beautiful texture.

    Australian Timber

    With 6 genuine Australian Timber decors to choose from, and produced in the fashionable 1.8m length, our Australian Timber range effortlessly encapsulates the spirit of the Australian landscape; earthy, organic and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

    Natural Oak

    From the subtle dark grains in Oslo White to the warm tones of Sahara Dune, our 1.8m Natural Oak range provides a neutral base that will complement a plethora of colour schemes.

    Key Features & Benefits:

    • Soft Underfoot: Our uniquely flexible PVC formula gives our product a soft and comforting feel underfoot.
    • Acoustic Impact Sound Reduction: All Heartridge luxury vinyl planks come with the benefit of a sound absorption quality that will add to the tranquillity of a space.
    • Thermal Insulation: Due to its thermal properties, Heartridge luxury vinyl planks can help reduce energy bills.
    • Low Maintenance: What of the mess that invariably occurs from the flow of everyday life? Our luxury vinyl planks are easy to clean and maintain; just wipe with a damp or dry cloth to keep your floors looking brand new and your home beautiful.
    • Heavy Duty 0.55mm Wear Layer: The 0.55mm Wear Layer will help the floor stand up to the tests of daily life.
    • Suitable for Wet Areas: Bring the beauty of a timber or oak species into a bathroom and laundry as the stability of luxury vinyl planks are not adversely affected by moisture.
    • Micro-bevelled Edge: Inspired by timber flooring, each Luxury Vinyl Plank is separated by a micro-bevelled edge to add a genuine finish.
    • No Pattern Repeat within the Board: No repeated pattern will be found within any 1.8m length (Australian Timber & Natural Oak) thus ensuring that each colour has 5 unique planks and a total of 10 unique plank options when reversed. Likewise, our Smoked Oak has 4 unique planks and a total of 8 unique plank options when reversed.
    • Embossed Surface: Each plank is intricately embossed to add that additional element of realism.
    • 30 Year Residential Surface Guarantee: Built to last with a 30 Year Surface Guarantee, you can feel at ease knowing Heartridge floors will stand the test of time.
    • 10 Year Commercial Surface Guarantee: Strong enough to endure even under the pressure of light traffic commercial use, Luxury Vinyl Planks will continue to perform.

    For further information, or if you would like to obtain any technical documentation, please contact us on 1800 622 293 or visit

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