The latest design in Harwel Lifts’ range of limited mobility lifts is the stainless and glass part 14 and part 15 wheelchair lifts. The lifts have been designed and manufactured by Harwel Lifts in Australia to provide wheelchair lifts suitable for any situation. These lifts are manufactured to part 14 (to 1 metre rise) with or without doors and part 15 (to 2 metre rise) unenclosed with doors.

Harwel Lifts have always been conscious of energy efficiency in the design of their lifts and hydraulic lifts are the most energy efficient drives as they lift using power in the upward direction. The Harwel lift is typically hydraulic, which is a suitable configuration for low rise construction to 12 metres. Every Harwel lift and hoist has the return to ground feature in case of power failure.

Harwel Lifts produce a full vertical lift range such as:

  • Wheelchair platforms
  • Home lifts
  • Limited mobility lifts for residential and commercial
  • Full unrestricted commercial passenger lifts
  • Fixed platform goods hoists

Each unit is a quality product monitored by Harwel Lifts’ Q and A system. Harwel Lifts manufacture, install and maintain their lifts across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Harwel Lifts specialise in providing lifts of any size and configuration from 350 kilograms to 4000 kilograms and can also provide a product, which is affordable to the Australian market. The lifts available from Harwel Lifts require minimal installation and shaft requirements.

These Harwel lifts do not require a motor room and have shallow pit depths while maintaining the strength and integrity of the engineering to produce a strong, stable and long lasting product. These lifts comply with AS1735, E3.6 BCA including Part 12 and the hoists comply with AS1418.8. Harwel Lifts can comply with all fire rated codes when required.

A Harwel lift has a range of finishes, which are included in Harwel Lifts’ standard specifications. These include timber veneer, satin stainless, laminates and epoxy and LED down lights are an additional feature because of their minimal power requirements.

Harwel Lifts endeavour to accommodate any finish one may require as an option, providing it complies with the code. The manufacturing of these lifts’ lead times are 6 - 12 weeks and the installation takes only 3 -10 days depending on the model.