Harwel Lifts  has released the first solar powered home lift in Australia. Energy savings are a priority all over the world and lifts are notorious power guzzlers.  Harwel have always been conscious of this fact and have made energy saving a priority for over ten years with hydraulic lifts which have always been energy efficient lifts until now.   

Harwel Solar Home lifts are very relevant in Australia with our ageing population and increased density of housing especially in coastal areas. Harwel Solar Home Lifts are designed and manufactured in Australia, taking into account the Australian coastal conditions.  

Harwel Lifts specialise in the design and manufacture of quality, robust home lifts.  Each lift is individually designed and manufactured to suit each project and they are hush quiet, energy efficient, space efficient and allow flexibility of design for the same economical cost.  You feel the difference when you step into a Harwel home lift.  

Harwel home lifts have a range of door styles from swing doors with full glass panels to full glass doors with stainless patches or  stainless or epoxy finished sliding doors.  Lift car finishes are endless and architects are pleased to nominate their required finishes.  There are a variety of ceiling designs which blend in with the lighting.  

The Harwel home lift is built to the same strict criteria as Harwel commercial lifts and each lift complies with all relevant building and safety codes.  The Harwel lift requires minimum pit depth and minimum overhead whilst still retaining the strength and stability they are known for.  

The Harwel lift can be installed in an existing or new building and we fabricate them for ease of dismantling for difficult sites.  An internal or external glass enclosure can be supplied or the lift installed into an existing shaft.   As the Harwel lift is self supporting, minimum shaft support is required.  The lift machinery can be installed in the shaft footprint.  This makes the lift extremely space efficient.  

As Harwel lifts are manufactured in Australia the lead time is only 10 weeks and installation takes only  6 working days for a 3 floor lift.  

A Harwel home lift adds enormously to the home owner's investment and the Harwel Solar Lift will increase this investment as well as saving energy for you in a daily basis.  You have your choice of the standard Harwel Home Lift or the Harwel Solar Home Lift.