Haddonstone  offers a comprehensive range of man made stone products including bullnoses and architectural products. Architectural products from Haddonstone include headstones as well as architraves. Headstone and architraves can be fixed by using stainless steel clamps. These clamps ensure secure fit of headstones as well as architraves. Haddonstone houses a team of experienced masons, who possess the capability of fixing these architectural products onto vertical surfaces.

Architectural products such as headstones and architraves from Haddonstone can be easily applied onto the surface of the brick. Bullnoses from Haddonstone are basically fixed to pool copings. This is possible by utilising wet mortar bed having dimensions ranging to about 15 millimetres. Joints to bullnoses can either be silicon pointed or even mortar pointed.

Silicon pointing of bullnoses provided by Haddonstone is achieved with the aid of flexible grout including Sikaflex Grout. These bullnoses need to be sealed to guard when being installed around a saltwater pool. Bullnoses can be cleaned easily by using swimming pool chlorine or strong household bleach. High pressure water blasting can also be used for applying bullnose around pool copings. This method can be achieved by using nozzle having dimensions of about 400 millimetres.