Haddonstone  offers different varieties of man made stone products that include classical columns. These classical columns are available in different sizes. Various classical columns from Haddonstone include The Verona column, The Carrara Column, The Temple Column, The Castle Column and The Macedon Column.
The Verona Column from Haddonstone possesses a total height of about 1990 millimetres with diameter ranging to about 190 millimetres. The Temple Column has a total height 2500 millimetres with diameter of about 265 millimetres. The Macedon Column has been specifically designed by Haddonstone on the basis of the individual client’s requirements. These classical columns are available in drum sections.

The Carrara Column from Haddonstone has total dimensions including height and diameter of about 2350 millimetres as well as 235 millimetres. This company ensures to provide contemporary designed columns. Haddonstone also provides several balustrading applications. The balustrading provided by Haddonstone can be jointed as well as bedded by using cement lime sand motor.

Classical columns and balustrades designed by Haddonstone have been manufactured according to quality standards. These man made stone products increases the aesthetic value of surroundings.