CSR Gyprock plasterboard products were specified throughout a new home built by Graya Construction in the tranquil suburb of Paddington in Brisbane, Queensland. Combining industrial design elements with contemporary living goals, The Russet House was built by the talented brothers from Graya, Rob and Andrew Gray, known for their creative work with high profile clients including Brisbane Broncos captain, Darius Boyd and former Wallabies captain, Stephen Moore.

The Russet House was a realisation of Rob’s ultimate dream home, in which he and his wife Meghan now reside. Paying homage to the name, the overall design by architect Tim Stewart embodies a strong colour palette of russet and copper.

Luxury is designed into the contemporary architecture of the house across its four levels that accommodate five bedrooms, four spa-style bathrooms, two rumpus rooms, a butler’s pantry, fireplace, underground car park and sauna. There are several standout entertaining spaces throughout the home, including a rooftop-viewing terrace with city views, a loft-style mezzanine on the second level that overlooks the open-plan kitchen, and a backyard featuring a pool and suspended planter boxes.

“The Graya philosophy is about quality design and finishes, so these elements were key when it came to sourcing product and materials for the build,” explains Rob. CSR Gyprock plasterboard products were specified throughout the home, covering the project’s functional needs across acoustics, durability and fire performance levels as well as aesthetic goals in terms of architectural design and finishes.

The curved walls in the house add a unique design element and were achieved with the use of Gyprock flexible plasterboard.

“Featured throughout the hallways and in the rumpus rooms, the curved walls soften the transition between the zones whilst adding an architectural point of interest – my favourite feature by far,” says Rob.

The inner city suburban neighbourhood of Paddington, which has increasingly smaller block and land sizes, is governed by fire protection rules that need to be met in any build.

“The Russet House sits on a small lot close to its neighbours, so we specified Gyprock Fyrchek plasterboard as part of the wall system, where a fire resistance level for separation walls was required,” Rob explained.

Since the new home was located on a busy road, soundproofing the interior spaces was necessary for the future residents to create a tranquil environment protected from unwanted traffic noise. The high levels of acoustic comfort were achieved using Gyprock Superchek plasterboard.

Walls lined with Superchek plasterboard provide a 15 per cent reduction in perceived loudness compared to standard plasterboard.

“We also have a large surround sound system, so Superchek allowed for reduced sound transmission to other rooms making it a quieter, more comfortable home,” continues Rob.

Superchek also delivers high levels of impact resistance, allowing for long-term durability and peace of mind. As the plasterboard is manufactured with a high recycled content, it increases density and board strength to deliver improved impact and sound resistance.

“Working with Gyprock has allowed us to incorporate quality building materials and finishes, and I only ever wanted to use the best of the best for my dream house. After two years in the making, my wife and I are extremely proud of what we can now call home,” concludes Rob.