Leading Australian plasterboard manufacturer, CSR Gyprock has added two new products to its portfolio of quality plasterboard, compounds and adhesives for residential and commercial applications.

Gyprock HD

Manufactured in Australia and formulated to contain 10% recycled content, Gyprock HD is a premium plasterboard product that can be used in residential wall and ceiling applications.

The latest to join the brand’s residential range of speciality plasterboard products, the versatile Gyprock HD features a high-density core and heavy-duty liner paper. The 10mm board serves as an upgrade solution for walls and ceilings where higher levels of acoustic insulation and impact resistance are needed.

Gyprock HD

Gyprock HD is the highest specification in the Gyprock residential plasterboard range, offering multiple benefits including:

High impact resistance: Its heavy-duty liner paper provides optimum impact resistance for plasterboards in the Gyprock residential range.

Enhanced acoustic performance: A denser core results in reduced sound transmission between adjoining spaces.

Low VOC: Improves indoor air quality.

Ease of handling and installation: Allows for smoother, more cost-effective construction processes.

Ultimate in versatility: Gyprock HD is suitable for residential walls and ceilings, and complies with Gyprock Party Wall and Boundary Wall system requirements.

Gyprock Perforated Filler

Gyprock Perforated Filler

Gyprock’s premium new compound is a dry-mix filler, which has been specially formulated for filling and finishing Gyprock’s high-performance perforated plasterboard, Rigitone.

Rigitone perforated plasterboard is typically used as a plasterboard for ceilings and walls in commercial constructions where a high level of acoustic performance is required. The new perforated filler has been designed as a dry-mix alternative to the existing Rigitone filler.

The specially formulated compound is mixed to a creamy consistency before application and can be used to achieve the perfect joint for the unique seamless finish that Rigitone plasterboards are well-known for.

Key benefits of the new Gyprock Perforated Filler:

  • 60-minute working life
  • Low shrinkage
  • Longer shelf life
  • Easy application
  • Coverage spanning approximately 60m²

Gyprock Perforated Filler is best applied with the Rigitone Dry-Mix Filler Application Kit. The new low VOC jointing compound is proudly Australian made.