CSR Gyprock announces the release of an all-new, expanded edition of The Red Book, an essential resource for fire, acoustic and thermal information and guidance across hundreds of wall and ceiling systems for architects, specifiers and building design professionals.

Widely regarded as the industry bible, Gyprock is publishing a limited quantity of the 2023 edition, The Red Book 1 Design Guide, which will be the first release in print since 2017.

Gyprock and Rondo Building Services are partnering to release the edition and will invite architects, specifiers and trades to collect one of 2000 printed copies via nationwide pop-up events held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth on Tuesday 17th October between 8:30am - 11am.

In line with Gyprock’s commitment to contributing an overall positive impact on the environment, Gyprock and Rondo are delighted to have partnered with The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW) to plant two trees for each book, which has been printed on sustainably sourced paper. This will plant 4,000 trees in bushfire and flooding affected areas and important habitats for threatened species by 2025.

The initiative is part of FNPW’s Landscape Resilience Program (LRP), one of the largest environmental community-led restoration programs in Australia. It targets fragmented ecosystems adjacent to protected areas, habitat corridors, riparian zones, and wetlands to increase resilience and support biodiversity on a national scale. The LRP will plant and grow 1 million+ native trees in flood and fire affected areas by 2025 by establishing and supporting community nurseries, which propagate native seedlings that will be planted locally on public and private lands.

Remaining at the forefront of industry standards and innovation, the new print issue continues Gyprock’s commitment to providing comprehensive design information and complete system solutions for a variety of buildings including hospitals, schools, offices, aged care facilities as well as residential homes.

“Together with the associated Red Book installation manuals, the comprehensive guide forms an essential reference for the building industry,” says Peter Tollens, category manager at CSR Gyprock.

Providing a wealth of performance detail, The Red Book has significantly grown since it last appeared in print and contains the addition of 3500 new systems, sections and details. “The Red Book 1 Design Guide showcases the performance of Gyprock’s extensive range of building systems in compliance with the latest construction industry trends and BCA requirements,” says Tollens.

“This edition has been revised extensively and updated in consultation with key professionals enabling the industry’s most innovative and advanced technical guide for fire, acoustics and thermal design to date.”

Aged Care

The new and expanded edition of the industry’s most respected guide includes products from CSR companies Gyprock, Cemintel, Himmel, Martini, Bradford, AFS and Hebel.

Key updates to The Red Book 1 Design Guide include:

  • Introduction of EC08 Extreme, a premium, multi-functional plasterboard engineered for extreme impact, replaces EC08 Impact and EC08 Impact MR
  • Introduction of the new lightweight Aquachek board
  • Introduction of new High-Density boards within the Gyprock plasterboard range
  • Introduction of new lines within the Gyprock Rigitone range
  • Introduction of Enviroseal RW Plus, a durable and lightweight textile membrane with a ‘soft’ construction designed to allow moisture to escape the inside of the home
  • Introduction of Enviroseal CW and CW-IT, specifically designed for commercial applications, minimising the risk of condensation, as well as protecting work sites
  • Introduction of new steel beam and column encasement methodology and systems
  • Update on the latest fire report assessment reference
  • New external wall systems for thermal bridging
  • Reviewed and updated list of referenced standards and handbooks

In addition to the print issue, The Red Book is available to download. Digital users will also be able to access the CSR System Selector tool through hyperlinks attached to featured systems within The Red Book. The CSR System Selector is an up-to-date resource, which provides a quick way of using a database of information on wall, floor, roof, ceiling and column systems and will be mirrored to the system solutions provided in 2023’s The Red Book.

Digital Access

For more information or to register interest in attending one of the nationwide pop-up events, please contact your local representative. To digitally download a copy of the updated Redbook 1 Design Guide, please visit the Gyprock website.