Several products from CSR Gyprock were specified for the new YarraBend development by The Glenvill Group in Alphington, Victoria. The visionary, riverside suburb of YarraBend, only 10 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, is recognised by The Future Lab as being at the forefront of global liveability, and predicted to be one of The World’s Most Liveable Suburbs by 2025.

Setting a new benchmark for design and urban living, the project is master-planned for the future, with a choice of four types of dwellings – houses, townhouses, lofts and apartments – varying from one to five bedrooms as well as a vibrant food and café scene and a cultural hub of health and fitness.

With a view to delivering a beautiful, highly functional suburb, Glenvill has collaborated with various suppliers in many areas of the development, including Gyprock with whom they have a longstanding partnership.

“Gyprock supplied plasterboard and compounds across the project, along with a building solution for intertenancy walls. They provided excellent technical support and met our demands continuously, including up-scaling when required,” says Matt Rice, Managing Director of Projects, Glenvill.

Gyprock’s party wall system was specified for Class 1 buildings that share a common wall, such as the terraces and townhouses at YarraBend. The system provides a separating wall that offers acoustic and fire-resistant performance, along with efficient installation and design flexibility.

The party wall system is fire resistant to FRL 60/60/60 and features unique aluminium clips. In the event of a fire, the specified party wall system is designed to allow one side of the property to collapse and fall away, leaving the central barrier and the adjoined dwelling in place. This removes the direct threat of fire transfer and maintains protection to the remaining tenancy. In areas such as the roof space and between floor and ceilings where there are no stud linings, Gyprock Fyrchek plasterboard is laminated to the centralised Shaft Liner panel, to maintain the fire rating.

Gyprock’s party walls also deliver acoustic separation for the comfort of building occupants. Noise may be airborne, such as voices and music, or it may be a result of impact, such as cupboard doors and footsteps, and the path of the sound may be direct through a wall or floor, or indirect through the surrounding structure known as flanking transmission.

The cavity insulation and lining options of Gyprock’s party wall systems meet or exceed BCA’s acoustic requirements. The basis of the acoustic performance is a double cavity system designed so that services such as switches, light fittings and pipes can be installed in the wall without the need for acoustic sealants.

Beyond the supply of materials and technical support, Gyprock was also involved in the installation of the internal linings system in Phase 1 of the development. Available on selected projects, this service has Gyprock coordinating delivery of materials, labour and installation to meet their rigorous standards. Lining materials including Gyprock Plus and Supaceil plasterboard, as well as premium Gyprock adhesives and compounds used across the development, are backed by Gyprock’s 25-year Manufactured for Life warranty.