Grimwood Heating has extended its range of Eliwell digital controllers. The new 12-24V AC-DC thermocouple unit is ideally suited for vehicle use either as a controller or indicator only.

Matched with a special high nickel alloy sheathed thermocouple the 32 x 74 panel mounted unit is frequently used for monitoring exhaust temperatures in both diesel and spark ignition performance engines. The onboard output relays can be used to control an over temperature alarm or other function.

Included in the range of 12-24 AC-DC units are models for thermistor input for low to moderate temperatures, with single or two relay output. The thermocouple model is also programmable by the user to accept an RTD (Pt100) input.

With distributors in every state, an Eliwell from Grimwood is easily accessible for every industry requiring a quality solution to their application.