The Grimwood Heating 2009 Catalogue has been updated with more than 20 sections over the past year. Updates cover new products, improved product information and items superceded.

With real time availability for download from the web site, the latest information is available to all users in real time. The catalogue is available in traditional hard copy format, on CD, USB flash drive or as a download in pdf format.

The product range extends from replacement elements and controls as spare parts for domestic appliances and food service equipment through to the most complex of industrial and hazardous area heating products.

All Grimwood Heating elements are manufactured in Australia utilising the raw materials that are available from around the world. For example the high nickel alloys used for element sheaths and the nickel-chrome resistance wired is from ThyssenKruppVDM in Germany.

Thermostats and process controllers are predominantly from the Invensys Controls Group and include brands such as Robertshaw, Eliwell, Eberle and Ranco. With distributors in every state, Grimwood Heating products are easily accessible for everyone requiring a quality solution to their application.