The Eliwell 32x74 format, having over the years become the standard in commercial refrigeration, has further evolved to become a single family of controller appliances, enhanced by all the technological and practical innovation that is the fruit of Eliwell’s experience and are available nationally from Grimwood Heating stockists.

The IC series controllers are devices with one or two intervention points; they can be used to control temperature and other process variables.

According to the model, they are equipped with an input for NTC/PTC/Pt100/TC type temperature probes, and for current or voltage signals for humidity or pressure transducers. All versions are equipped with TTL type connection to allow use of the Copy Card quick programming accessory.

Grimwood Heating stocks a comprehensive range of Eliwell Universal Controllers and can assist with the selection of the most appropriate controller.

LX models enable connection to the ModBUS protocol and the use of a programmable digital input for Soft Start, auxiliary set-point, output block, on-off functions and maintenance requests.

The ID series has a range of models developed specifically, so that they can be used in all refrigeration applications: from simple, which still need to use the benefits offered by electronics in terms of precision, reliability and economy of installation, to the more complex applications, requiring auxiliary functions and advanced supervision.

The appliances can have up to two inputs for temperature probes (type NTC or PTC series, selectable through parameter), a buzzer, a digital input, and three output relays.

The later can be configured in one among the following modes: compressor, defrosting, ventilator, light control, auxiliary and alarm. The display with decimal point can be enabled or disabled using the appropriate programming parameters.

The copy card accessory allows rapid programming of the instrument through a connection on the TTL port. This port also allows the connection to Televis Supervision software.

An appropriate algorithm ensures the parameter control required to guarantee a good preservation of foods in compliance with HACCP rules.

With distributors in every state, Grimwood Heating’s Eliwell products are easily accessible for every industry requiring a quality solution to their application.