Grimwood Heating  has extended their spare parts range to include commercial heating and cooling applications.

All commercial catering and refrigeration industries can now access the Grimwood award winning quality and service for their spare part needs. The Grimwood range includes replacement elements and controls for most commercial cookers, ovens, dishwashers and bain maries. Commercial refrigeration spares include defrost and drain pan heaters, and controls for refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Whether it is a toaster, bread oven, steamer or dough prover, Grimwood have the elements and controls to keep your equipment earning it’s keep.

Grimwood elements are designed and made in Australia to suit Australian conditions. Many Australian equipment manufacturers insist on quality Grimwood elements to give them the reliability their product and their customers deserve.

Grimwood have the cross references for superceded and deleted lines for many manufacturer's capillary thermostats and electronic controls.

The ever expanding Eliwell range of process and refrigeration controls are often supplied as original equipment on appliances sourced from Europe. Now genuine Eliwell controllers can keep the appliance operating the manufacturer intended.

Eliwell, established in 1980, plays an important role in commercial refrigeration and was the first to offer the 32x74 format that has now become standard for electronic controllers for commercial refrigeration systems. Eliwell designs and develops electronic controllers and high quality systems for the control of refrigerator units used in the preparation, conservation, transportation and distribution of chilled and frozen foods and beverages.

Eliwell also specialises in the production of air conditioning controllers in collaboration with prominent European air conditioner manufacturers. With an Eliwell controller, you are getting equipment with a long pedigree from an established manufacturer.

With distributors in every state, the Grimwood products are easily accessible for every industry requiring a quality solution to their application.