Gosford Quarries  recently featured in the new LifeStyle Channel program, Garden Angels.

The segment featured discussed how to lay sandstone pavers, focussing on the fact that home handymen should not be frightened of considering laying sandstone pavers themselves.

Angel, Linda Ross, visited the Gosford Quarries Annandale Display and Sales Centre to select pavers from the range of unique sandstone pavers on display.

Linda was kind enough to spend time with the NSW Gosford Quarries team, explaining that the theme of this Garden Angel show was to encourage some DIY activity in Aussie gardens. The Gosford Quarries' team mentioned to Linda that they were establishing a similar project: from October 31, Gosford Quarries will offer a 'bookings only' DIY Laying Sandstone Pavers session. Linda then graciously offered to attend on the day, to say hello and thanks on behalf of The Garden Angels team.

The DIY Laying Sandstone Pavers session will take place on Saturday, October 31, 2009, from 10am to 12noon. The 2GB Sausage Sizzler Team will also be attending.