A glazed roof hatch from Gorter Hatches Pty Ltd was installed on a new three-storey home in Hawthorn, Melbourne to allow access to the rooftop terrace area. The new homeowners were able to view the spectacular fireworks in the CBD over the New Year from the terrace. The roof hatch also allows the rooftop to be accessed easily for entertaining and relaxing any time.

Built to withstand the toughest weather conditions, the glazed roof hatch from Gorter Hatches is commonly installed for accessing roof terraces and roof gardens as well as emergency escape routes. The glazed hatch is especially recommended for homes and office buildings with limited windows as it allows natural light into any space. These roof hatches offer a simple, practical, and cost-efficient alternative to vertical roof doors.

Key features of Gorter Hatches’ glazed roof hatches include electronically operated pushbutton facility to open and close the hatch easily; triple glazing withstanding severe weather conditions; self-cleaning properties simplifying maintenance; elegant and easily integrated with any design or building objective; counterbalanced for one-hand operation with less than 5kg of force; inherently safe design preventing falls; sturdy diagonal handrail for support; thermally separated with an insulated lid and full wind and weathertight sealing to ensure protection from weather and noise outside; and powder-coated and corrosion-resistant finish.

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