An access system from Gorter Hatches Pty Ltd comprising of an electric scissor stair and a roof hatch was recently installed in a high-end residential home in Sydney, Australia. These highly functional products are helping the homeowner gain easy access to their roof terrace.

Engineers from Gorter Hatches expertly concealed the ladder inside the hallway ceiling by cleverly ensuring the white underside of the scissor stairs matched the ceiling. With this installation, the owner is able to maximise the use of space on the home’s roof terrace without blocking the passage below with a permanent fixed ladder.

Gorter Hatches electric scissor stairs

The electric scissor stairs are designed as a convenient, durable and cost-effective access system for attics and roof spaces. A practical and compact alternative to the space-consuming fixed ladder or staircase, these electric scissor stairs feature a wooden ceiling panel, telescopic handrail and aluminium ladder, and come with a 1-year warranty.

Key features of Gorter Hatches’ range of electric scissor stairs include easy installation and operation; durable construction, tested up to 150kg load; counterbalanced design; ability to cover heights ranging from 2400mm to 3750mm; BCA Codemark certified; and non-electronically operated models requiring less than 3kg of force also available.