Leading solar energy solutions provider GoodWe announces the launch of its new building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) carport solar panels, Polaris Series, to the Australian market. Tailored primarily for carports and shade rooftops, this series of products offers a power output of 550W, boasting a solar efficiency of 20.4%.

Apollo Chai, head of GoodWe Australia BIPV Marketing, emphasised the versatility of the Polaris. “It adapts to diverse application scenarios, including carports, flat-to-pitched roof conversions, and sun sheds.”

“The products effectively overcome significant limitations found in conventional panels for similar applications,” he added.

Distinguishing itself from traditional solar panels, which often face issues related to centralised drainage and open water channels leading to leakage concerns, the Polaris tackles this issue with its individual dispersion design and protective covers for each groove, providing superior water-resistant protection.

Structural waterproofing

All the wiring is contained within wiring grooves in Polaris’ design. This not only diminishes safety hazards such as arcing, which can arise from exposed wiring in traditional modules, but also ensures a streamlined and elegant appearance.

Polaris Vs traditional solar modules

Another innovative feature of the Polaris series is its double-chamber design, which enhances the structural durability of the frames, surpassing conventional PV modules. Additionally, the Polaris can demonstrate impressive resilience, capable of withstanding static loads of up to 5400Pa on the front side and 2400Pa on the back, equipping itself to weather extreme conditions, including hurricanes.

The Polaris has also secured certification from TÜV and been included in the Clean Energy Council’s (CEC) approved product list.

Apollo Chai elaborates that the Polaris Series products can be seamlessly integrated with GoodWe's high-quality inverters, batteries, and EV chargers, offering a comprehensive one-stop solution that covers all aspects of solar power generation, storage, and vehicle charging. "End-users no longer need to approach multiple suppliers for these components, as we provide a comprehensive solution, complete with after-sales support."

Starting from May of this year, GoodWe has also introduced two additional BIPV products to the Australian market – the Galaxy Series and Sunshine Tiles, further expanding its already impressive BIPV portfolio. This marks a significant step in GoodWe's commitment to delivering advanced solar solutions that cater to the diverse needs of Australian homeowners and businesses.