Leading New South Wales-based aluminium processing company Alspec has chosen GoodWe’s lightweight solar solution to meet their growing energy needs while working within the constraints of the low-bearing capacity of their new roof.

Global solar energy solution provider GoodWe has collaborated with its authorised distributor, Umax Energy to offer the GoodWe BIPV smart solution to Alspec. The joint effort aims to meet Alspec’s growing energy needs through sustainable solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. The project involves the supply and installation of a 100kW solar power system on the roof of Alspec's headquarters and manufacturing facility, incorporating GoodWe’s 315W Galaxy Ultra panels, coupled with its HT100kW string inverters.


Alspec's business operations rely heavily on electricity for aluminium alloy processing, cutting, welding, and coating, leading to a rapid surge in production costs. In response to the recent 30% hike in electricity costs implemented by the New South Wales government, Alspec sought alternative energy sources, with solar photovoltaic technology emerging as an ideal solution.

To address the challenge of water leakage resulting from a deteriorating roof, Alspec had recently undergone a roof replacement. However, the new roof’s low-bearing capacity made it unable to withstand traditional rooftop solar panels due to their weight and the drilling installation process, which posed a potential leakage risk, and could lead to high repair costs and production downtime. In light of Alspec’s concerns, GoodWe's Galaxy Series solar panels emerged as the perfect solution.

Recommended by Umax Power, Alspec chose GoodWe’s Galaxy Series 315W to achieve a seamless and leak-free installation process, thereby eliminating the risk of water leakage and ensuring uninterrupted operations. Moreover, these panels boast a lightweight design, significantly alleviating Alspec’s concerns about the potential roof damage. Coupled with GoodWe’s efficient HT string inverters, the Galaxy Series can maximise energy self-consumption and optimise energy generation.

The entire system is projected to cover 80% of Alspec's electricity needs for production and operations.

Part of GoodWe’s BIPV product range, the Galaxy Series solar panel can be largely applied to commercial application scenarios, complementing the company’s C&I solution portfolio. Recently introduced to the Australian market, the product has generated significant interest among business owners seeking reliable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solar solutions.

“We’re delighted to provide this smart BIPV solution for Alspec. GoodWe has been dedicated to improving our commercial and industrial solution portfolio, ensuring that we can offer customised solutions that precisely meet our customers’ unique energy needs. We expect to partner with more business owners to help reduce energy expenses while achieving substantial energy savings and emission reductions," said Apollo Chai, head of GoodWe Australian BIPV Marketing.