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    Glow in dark paints for interiors, exteriors and wooden surfaces from Glow Paint Industries

    Glow Paint Industries

    Glow in the dark paints manufactured by Glow Paint Industries, suit most of the applications and offers maximum flexibility in choice and product suitability to the customers.

    The glow in the dark paint from Glow Paint Industries include acrylic glow in dark paints, glow in dark paint for wooden surfaces, solvent based glow in dark paint, oil based glow in dark paints, glow in dark paints for glass, porcelain, fabric, glow in dark paint for shoe, artists paint and UV black light paint.

    Glow in dark acrylic paints are ideal for interior and exterior purposes. This glow in dark acrylic paints are further classified into many types including acrylic glow in the dark paint day colour aqua glow colour aqua and glow in dark paints in green, light blue with green and so on.

    Glow in acryl based dark paint for wooden surfaces are used for painting interior wood and veneers. This paint might have a milky appearance when pigments settle down but this glow in acryl based dark paint dries faster and shows the original colour of the pigments during day; this paint also gets adhered to the surface of woods easily.

    Glow in dark body paints is of three steps. The glow pigments are added to the body paint, mixed well and then applied; these are available in various colours. Glow in dark glass, mirror and window paints are also offered by Glow Paint Industries. These paints are of high quality and can be used to paint windows, glasses and mirrors after mixing with glow in dark pigments.

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