Glow Paint Industries  supplies various glow products including glow in the dark and reflective tape, glow in dark embroidery thread, invisible ink writers, glow in the dark chalk, UV glow paint and 3D glow in dark fabric paint and so on.

Glow in the dark and reflective tape is a new range of reflective tape offered by Glow Paint Industries. This reflects light when available and illuminates light during its absence. This type of reflective tape is ideal for business application and this tape is made from flexible plastic material for long life. This reflective tape is ideal for emergency services and for those who work on night services and coal mines.

Glow in the dark embroidery thread is available in six different colours such as blue, orange, pink, green, yellow and white. These glow in dark embroidery thread charges and discharges automatically and these are made using fibre materials which help in easy rinsing and washing. These threads have lengths of either 3,000 or 5,000 metres.

Invisible ink writers from Glow Paint Industries are ideal for home security. These inks are invisible and glow only in darkness. Invisible ink writer pack includes 1x green, blue, fluorescent ink pens and a 1x black light torch with battery.

UV glow paint from Glow Paint Industries is a water based paint which glows under ultra violet light; it is non toxic, does not stain and are ideal for children. This UV paint is used for painting murals.