Jessberger drum pumps, available form Global Pumps, are compact, lightweight and robust. Jessberger drum pumps have been specifically designed for transporting thin to low viscous, flammable or corrosive liquids.

Jessberger drum pumps available from Global Pumps are designed for portable and static use and are particularly suitable for intermittent operation. The state-of-the-art and yet simple technical design of the drum pumps assures sound and reliable operation.

Every motor, whether it is air, electric or flame-proof can be combined with every pump tube because of the modular design. The range of drum pumps includes hand operated pumps, ATEX certified pumps and eccentric screw pumps which are particularly suitable for viscous liquids up to 100,000cps.

Inbuilt speed controllers, batch meters and flow meters are some of the many accessories available.

The range of drum pumps available from Global Pumps includes: 

  • Hand Operated 
  • Electric operated 
  • Pneumatic operated 
  • High viscous pumps 
  • Batch controllers/meters 
  • Flow meters 
  • Ex rated pumps 
  • Mixers

Jessberger drum pumps from Global Pumps can be used in chemical, waste water treatment, agriculture, food and beverage, cosmetic and mining applications.