Industrial and mining pumps specialist Global Pumps has released the new Mag Drive High Head Series from Techniflo to meet the needs of businesses and individuals requiring efficient pumps in their processes.

Designed and manufactured by Techniflo, the Mag Drive High Head Series pumps have a leak-free design to address the application demands of industries processing caustic or acidic materials.

Key features include head pressure of up to 47m making the pump ideal for applications requiring both high pressure and low flow rate; and chemical resistant, non-metallic components meeting all safety standards while metallic components avoiding contact with the fluid being pumped.

The new Techniflo Mag Drive High Head Series comes in two different models, one made from polypropylene and the other from ETFE, a polymer with a high melting temperature and excellent resistance to chemical corrosion. The use of these materials combined with the absence of seals that can leak, makes the Mag Drive High Head Series pumps the safest option available on the market for transporting hazardous fluids.