Testing water quality on a regular basis is an utmost important part of maintaining safe and reliable source.

Test results will promptly allow solving the specific problem of a water supply. This will ensure water source being properly protected from the potential contamination and an appropriate water treatment is selected and applied immediately.

This kind of periodical testing is necessitated to identify existing problems, make sure water is suitable for the required use, ensure safe drinking water, determine the effectiveness of treatment system which is existing or newly incorporated.

Basic water quality test packages are inclusive of tests for coliform bacteria, solids, hardness, nitrates, pH, sodium, sulphate, iron, chloride, fluoride, iron and manganese.

Other tests are appropriate if any particular contaminant is suspected in water. Ground water and surface water sources also to be tested for pesticide contamination.

Environmental airborne contaminant monitoring available from Getex is an importtant requirement for project compliance conditions. Environmental licensing limits is purely based on this and compared with the appropriate guidelines and standards.

Environment audit is a periodic assessment conducted on site applying an established protocol.