Site contamination assessment services available from Getex is required by councils, owners or occupiers to produce to the authorities for approval of sale or construction, so that the assessment will prove if a tenant has contaminated the site violating the rules.

These assessments are classified into three different types - preliminary, phase one or phase two. Preliminary site contamination assessment is the simplest method which involves a site history investigation and a walkover inspection.

Phase one assessment includes the first two points and also soil and ground water sampling. Phase two is the most detailed assessment soil and waste disposal reports, remedial action plans and project management supervision are part of these service rendered by Getex.

After completing remediation program Getex usually issues validation report to that effect. Similarly pre purchase validation is also done.

Getex urgent response strategy is arranged to get any required assessments done rapidly and normal operation of the company will be assured without wasting time on site activities. Getex also provides a wide range of occupational health and safety services. Some of these services are provided directly while some of them are provided by the associates.