Geotextile Supplies and Engineering  is the Australian agent for Synthetic Industries’ geosynthetic products and also for the product range of polyester non woven fabrics. Synthetic Industries is one of the world’s largest producers of geosynthetic products today.

With over thirteen years of experience in production Synthetic Industries is ISO 9002 certified manufacturer of quality geotextile products like polyester, non woven and continuous filament geotextiles which are distributed by Geotextile Supplies and Engineering throughout Australia.

No woven geotextiles are made from polypropylene and are produced with needle punched, staple fibre technology.

Polypropylene is a strong polymer with good chemical and biological resistance and with the combination of UV inhibitors this polymer becomes the ideal fibre for producing geotextiles.

Needle punched staple fibre producing technique enable to produce geotextiles of high strength, good puncture resistance and greater durability which make it resistant to installation stresses.

Polyester geotextiles are produced using needle punched, continuous filament technology. While geotextiles are used as paving fabrics polyester is an important ingredient.

Geotextile Supplies and Engineering s woven geotextiles are manufactured by slitting and extruding polypropylene film and further weaving these yarns into the form of fabric. These are characterised and designed for reinforcement applications.