Geotextile Supplies and Engineering  supplies wide range of products for the use of horizontal and vertical applications.

C.S.E Sheet Drains supplied by Geotextile Supplies and Engineering is a composite drainage system which is a three dimensional, non woven, core and crush resistant, needle punched geotextile.

C.S.E Sheet Drains are used in the similar manner to the fabrinet drainage core. The difference is only on the structure of the core. The core of C.S.E Sheet drain is comprised of polyethylene solid sheet with moulded studs. This enables the product to have water proof side on the back side as opposed to the open net of the fabrinet.

By overlapping this core a water resistant backing is achieved. Flow rates are also greater with G.S.E Sheet Drain.

Versi Cell supplied by Geotextile Supplies and Engineering gives architects and developers greater design flexibility and has wide range of application on the landscape, construction industries and building.

Versi Cell is an interlocking structural system used for surface drainage and for underground water percolation system, when applied with waterproof membrane VersiCell eliminated the need for additional protection layer. The modules are interlocked easily in the same surface or at right angles to one another or it can be butted together avoiding interlocking.