The Gainsborough G+ Access systems launched recently by Gainsborough Hardware Industries is a new smart, simple and secure range of electronic home access systems.  

The G+ Access system eliminates the need to carry separate alarm, garage door and gate remote controls in addition to front door keys by using a single electronic key to remotely control every device and lock.  

The stylish electronic key in the G+ Access systems controls the locking and unlocking functions of front door locks including deadlock, privacy and passage modes as well as operates other home access devices such as gates, garage doors, alarm systems, and lighting.  

Designed to offer a high level of convenience and security, G+ Access can open the garage door, disarm the alarm and unlock the front door before the user even leaves the car.  

The G+ Access system allows homeowners to check the status of their door locks in the home, automatically arm and disarm home security systems, and customise operation upon entry and exit of the home.  

The new electronic access systems from Gainsborough meet the needs of homeowners, renovators and professional builders who seek new technologies in home automation and access.  

Electronic access is also considered more secure than physical keys in addition to advantages such as convenience, time savings and value addition to the property.  

Within the home, G+ Access systems offer a range of video entry solutions that also allow convenient operation of the front door lock from other areas of the house.  

A G+ Home Hub system added to the G+ Access system helps link it seamlessly to existing home automation systems.  

The G+ locksets have battery backup to maintain safety and security in the event of a blackout. Mechanical override in all the locks using traditional keys allows complete peace of mind.    

Mr Chris Blenkiron, Product Manager Residential for Gainsborough Hardware believes that the new easy-to-access, convenient and secure G+ systems will bring access control to a broader user market.   

The G+ electronic access systems are not only affordable and user-friendly but also feature a modular design, allowing homeowners to begin with a basic unit and build upon it to suit future needs and budgets.