Bayside City Council recently unveiled the SALTO wireless access control system, installed as part of the security overhaul on their premises. The standalone system offers a flexible, secure and convenient alternative to outdated key control systems previously used at the facility.

Bayside City Council had to deal with various security issues resulting from multiple buildings being shared across a number of organisations. Key tracking and control presented a serious challenge due to the large number of people requiring entry at different times of the day and year.

For instance, access to the sporting pavilions involved constant and costly rekeying between seasons. Following the installation of the SALTO system by API Locksmiths, each club was issued a set of tags, which only work during the programmed times for their respective seasons.

The Council’s SALTO tags are also programmed to expire; in the event a card is lost but not reported, it will no longer work if it has not been updated at a hot spot by a certain time. If a card is reported lost, it is simply blacklisted to all the locks in the system.

SALTO wireless access control system uses advanced electronic access control technology, with the wireless function eliminating the cost of expensive wiring for every door. Real-time communication enabled by the system allows the council to remotely lock or unlock any of the online doors.

According to Bayside City Council Building Officer, Anura Seneviratne, API took SALTO’s installation a step further by creating a high security VPN link between all of their 40-plus pavilions back to the head office.

This allows Bayside City Council to retrieve live audit for any of the online doors, monitor battery status and programme time zones for the doors to lock and unlock automatically. The installation of the SALTO wireless access control system not only helps the Council save on energy costs, but also on patrol guards for their external public toilets, which had to be manually locked and unlocked twice a day.

SALTO wireless access control system is available from Gainsborough Hardware Industries .