Leading Australian designer, importer and distributor of residential and commercial door hardware, Gainsborough Hardware Industries has released a new range of door handles featuring a cleverly concealed lever on both sides of the door.

The stylish addition to Gainsborough’s popular and proven Trilock range, the new Trilock Omni Back to Back is an architecturally designed door handle featuring 600mm pull handles and concealed lever on both the interior and exterior of the door.

Designed to address the needs of busy lifestyles and lively households, the hidden lever is ideal for quick, easy access and also minimises grime and dirt build-up on the primary handle.

Key features of Trilock Omni Back to Back door handles include award-winning 3-in-1 Trilock locking technology for safety, security and convenience; unique lockset function allowing for a quick exit in the event of an emergency without a key by simply turning the interior lever, while keeping the door locked on the outside; and deadbolt key-operated from both sides on double cylinder versions, or by a turn-button from the inside and a key from the outside on single cylinder versions.

When Trilock is unlocked and unsnibbed, it operates as a standard passage set, allowing free access in or out of the home.

Gainsborough’s range is backed by a 5-year tarnish resistant and 10-year mechanical guarantee. Finished in premium stainless steel or polished stainless steel, the Omni’s sleek design is functional and reliable, while effortlessly meeting the aesthetic demands of modern, minimalist architectural style trends.