Combining the latest in door hardware design with the Trilock ‘3 in 1’ locking system, Gainsborough has extended its Trilock Series with the release of two new designs – the Omni and Eclipse.  

The Gainsborough Trilock Omni and Eclipse ranges will offer homeowners the functionality to meet the needs for today’s home and security trends. The durable Omni and Eclipse Trilock ranges offer a variety of lever options to suit any home or style.

The Trilock ‘3 in 1’ locking technology provides the security and convenience of lockset, deadbolt and passage functions, in one lock. The Trilock technology is offered exclusively by Gainsborough, and has been awarded an Australian Design Mark for Good Design by Standards Australia.

The Trilock lockset acts as an emergency escape function, enabling homeowners to escape quickly in the event of an emergency without using a key, by simply turning the inside lever when in Lockset mode.

Both locks also have a double cylinder deadbolt with a sturdy 20mm throw, to safeguard possessions and valuables while the home is unoccupied.  

The deadbolt is operated with a key from either side on double cylinder versions; with a key from outside or turn-button from inside on single cylinder versions.

Alternatively, when Trilock is unlocked or unsnibbed it operates as a standard passage set, allowing free access in or out of the home. Single-handed operation allows keys to operate all functions of the Trilock Eclipse and Omni, and with four fixing points for installation, creates extra strength against attack or forced entry, providing additional safety.

The Omni and Eclipse Trilock ranges allow for the same key convenience throughout the home or building, and with removable cylinders, also enables easy re-keying.

The Trilock Omni and Eclipse ranges are supplied with a 5-year tarnish resistant and 10 year mechanical guarantee, and are available in a variety of finishes to match existing Gainsborough internal lever sets.

The Eclipse is available in the Streamline, Estilo and Accent ranges, and the Omni is available in the Accent range, which features a stainless steel exterior and brushed satin chrome interior. The Streamline range has modern, clean and contemporary styling with a bright chrome finish. For a softer finish, the Estilo range combines bright chrome with subtle gold overtones, while the Accent range incorporates a modern brushed satin chrome finish.