G. K. Brown & Co.  is one of the leading suppliers of commercial and industrial floor coatings G K Brown & Co has gained more than 20 years of experience in providing quality commercial and industrial floor coatings to this industry. G K Brown & Co is primarily engaged into the food processing industry. G K Brown & Co is also a pioneer in some other areas like retail and warehouse flooring and even domestic applications. The floor coatings provided by G K Brown & Co are one of their types in terms of quality and multi-functionality.

G. K. Brown & Co. also supplies as well as installs the floor coatings. The supply and installation from the same supplier who is also the applicator, makes the process more convenient and eliminates all the possibilities of any potential conflict related to any application or material problem. G K Brown & Co also ensures the easy and successful installation of the floor coatings.

The materials and techniques used by G. K. Brown & Co. uses and its qualified tradesmen ensure the safe and non-defective manufacturing and installation of floor coatings. The floor coatings are available in several different designs at G K Brown & Co. However, if required the floor coatings based on some specific design chosen by customer for a particular application can also be provided on specific requests.