G K Brown & Co  several epoxy based floor coatings. Some different designs of floor coatings with unusual finishes are also available at G K Brown & Co. The complete range of industrial finishes comprising non-slip finish for commercial kitchens and abattoirs and smooth roll finishes are also available at G K Brown & Co. The Flintex NS which is a 100% free epoxy based floor coating is incorporated with kiln dried and washed silica sands so as to have an impervious non-slip finish. This Flintex NS epoxy base floor coating is ideal for food processing industry like industrial and commercial kitchens.

One more type of Flintex R0100 is also an epoxy based floor coating. It is a solvent free and a two component epoxy based floor coating. This has low odour and gives higher level of protection and durability.

The Flintex SL epoxy based floor coating is also offered by G K Brown & Co. This is a resin based floor coating and a semi-free flowing liquid. This is a seamless and easily cleanable floor coating. This epoxy based floor coating is used in manufacturing, drink and food processing, aircraft hangars, warehouses, nuclear and conventional power stations, storage areas, maintenance areas and electrical component assembly.