The steadily declining insect population in our environment is cause for concern, especially the fall in bee numbers, which has been well documented.

According to a recent global study, there’s been an 82 per cent decline in midsummer invertebrate populations across 63 nature reserves in Germany between 1990 and 2017. Similar declines in insect populations have been observed in the UK, Puerto Rico’s rainforest, the USA and even in Australia.

The dramatic decline in bogong moth populations in NSW, for instance, has resulted in a starving population of pygmy possums who feed on these bugs. A study by the University of Sydney’s Institute of Agriculture predicts a 40 per cent decline in insect species within a century.

Falling bee numbers worldwide are not only causing loss to biodiversity but also present a threat to global crop production.

Insects form an important part of the environment and killing them upsets the delicate ecosystem. Insect screens are the best way to keep insects out of your home without killing them.