Barbeques, weekend lunches, family gatherings and get-togethers with friends are all part of the typical Australian summer. Now is the time to get your home and outdoor areas entertainment ready.

However, summertime also means having to deal with insects, bugs and mosquitoes that can often put a dampener on festivities.

Here are a few tips to get your home and patio summer ready.

Enclose your patio area

When you are entertaining outdoors, the patio area is the perfect place to have fun as it shelters you from the sun. Patios function as an extension of the home, seamlessly merging the indoors and outdoors. An unprotected patio can only provide shade – you will still have to deal with the swarm of bugs. By enclosing the patio, you will be able to keep insects out, while also deflecting the summer heat, wind and glare.

Retractable blinds from Freedom Retractable Screens® offer a measurable difference in terms of comfort and energy savings, providing up to 99% protection from harmful UV rays.

Dust off the barbeque

A staple in many Australian homes, the backyard barbeque should be carefully placed on a flat area away from any hanging plants. If your barbeque is on your patio, ensure that your patio area is properly sealed to avoid stains.

Outdoor furniture

When you are having guests over for your summer parties, you will need the perfect outdoor furniture that will not only provide comfortable seating but can also stand up to the harsh conditions of the outdoor setting.

Install retractable fly screens

Installing fly screens throughout your home can save you money in summer as they reduce your reliance on air-conditioners by allowing you to keep your windows open for cooling breezes to flood your interiors. Retractable fly screens will stop insects from pestering your summer guests, while still letting the beautiful fresh air into your home and entertainment areas.

Contact the team at Freedom Retractable Screens to help you keep your home and outdoor areas insect-free.