If you are looking for some inspiration for your home, look no further than these interior design trends that have been making news throughout the year.


People today are more environmentally aware, which is reflected in their personal design preferences. Sustainability is the underlying theme in interior design, resulting in the increasing use of natural fabrics and woven artworks in the decor. People are also choosing more water conscious plants in their gardens, such as Australian natives, succulents, grasses, and Mediterranean plants.


Biophilia sets the bar high on a human’s connection with nature. Indoor plants have always been an important element in interior design. However, biophilic design now takes the green trend to a whole new level of personalisation with many people creating green feature walls, or dedicating a space for indoor plants within their home. For those who don’t have the time, there are high-quality artificial plants that can deliver the same vibe of being connected to nature.

Memphis design

Bright colours, graphic patterns, and bold geometric shapes are some of the elements of Memphis design. People are turning towards splashes of colour, and opting for curved, enveloping furniture that lends a comfortable homely touch.

Feminine and pastel tones

Think dusty pinks, blushes, and bronze – these colours are being used to break up plain, neutral rooms. Paired with neutral shades, these colours are very easy to implement in the home. New cushions or sheets in this palette are suggested to easily integrate this design trend.

Open shelving

Open shelves are aligned with the modern-day preference for minimalism in the home, especially in kitchens. People are opting for contemporary open frame designs to get the café-style vibe in their kitchens. Matte black frames and glass are some of the design elements to achieve this look.