An entertaining area is not just an extension of a typical Australian home but also a reflection of Australians’ love for the outdoors. When you want to spend quality time with family and friends, you need a space that combines the expansiveness and openness of the outdoors with the shelter and protection of the indoors.

When you are building a new home or planning a renovation, design an indoor-outdoor entertainment area that seamlessly connects the interior of your home with the outside.

Shelter your outdoor area

Outdoor entertaining areas are great for summer get-togethers but you wouldn’t want the weather to play havoc with your party plans. Summers can get hot so it is worth your while to create a sheltered area in your entertaining space. Invest in a patio or pergola that can provide some shade while also creating a seamless flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces. If your budget doesn’t allow it, there are more affordable options such as a large umbrella to create a similar atmosphere. A sheltered outdoor area instantly creates convenience and comfort, exactly what you need for indoor-outdoor entertaining areas.

Open your living space with doors

One way to create a seamless flow between your indoor living space and outdoor entertaining area is to remove walls and install bi-fold doors or sliding glass doors to open up the space and extend your home to the outdoors. Opening your interior space with doors creates an uninterrupted flow between the indoor and outdoor entertaining areas, producing an instant connect with the outside.

Install retractable fly screens

Now that you have established a seamless connection between your living space and the outside using doors, it’s a good idea to install retractable fly screens to keep the bugs out. Along with fresh air and cool breezes, the open doors will also allow entry to insects and mosquitoes, especially in summertime. Installing retractable fly screens will increase your comfort level without compromising the aesthetic or the beautiful views.

Freedom Retractable Screens® can create screens up to 13 metres wide to suit doors and windows of all shapes and sizes. You can also invest in no gap blind systems that are perfect for enclosing patios or pergola areas for the ultimate comfort.

Are you looking to improve your indoor-outdoor living with retractable fly screens? Get in touch with your local expert from Freedom Retractable Screens to find the perfect solution for your needs.