The Australian manufactured expanded polystyrene (EPS) solutions from Foamex Group are being specified in several construction projects across the country. Local manufacturing, trustworthy supply chain, high tensile strength, fire safety and a slew of environmental benefits are just a few of the reasons why builders are relying on Foamex’s EPS products to deliver their projects efficiently, cost-effectively and on time.

Foamex recently won a $1.4 million contract to supply EPS blocks for the massive West Gate Tunnel Project, which is delivering Melbourne residents a vital alternative to the West Gate Bridge.

Foamex’s S Grade polystyrene manufactured at their Bayswater North facility on the east side of Melbourne is being supplied for the project. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Foamex technicians precisely cut the EPS blocks to the profile set out in the specifications by the engineers on the major infrastructure project.

“EPS has great tensile strength, which gives it the ability to resist loads without failure because of excessive stress or deformation,” explains Foamex general manager Justin Kelsey. “And this is why it is very commonly used within large construction projects.”

With their involvement in the West Gate Tunnel Project, Foamex – Australia’s leading and longest serving polystyrene manufacturer – continues their long-running support of large critical infrastructure projects. The same EPS products are also being used in residential and commercial construction projects by Foamex customers throughout Australia.

Australia’s building industry prioritising quality in EPS building materials

Builders at residential as well as commercial construction sites across Australia are relying on the Australian manufactured Styroboard EPS blocks to deliver quality insulation for their projects. Styroboard EPS blocks from Foamex are 100 per cent manufactured in Australia and can be shaped, cut or laminated to your specific application requirements.

Given the challenges of the current COVID-19 environment, Kelsey emphasises the importance of having a trusted supply chain on the ground that can deliver on time, on budget, and without compromise – particularly in the highly price-driven Australian construction industry. For instance, when an expected supply is delayed for any reason, the developer or builder risks running behind schedule on their project, which can lead to unexpected cost escalation.

“Sourcing polystyrene locally means freight is kept to a minimum due to the sheer bulk of each delivery, and buying EPS locally means supporting our local economy,” explains Kelsey.

Foamex EPS blocks: A safer and more sustainable solution

EPS blocks assure building safety as well as environmental safety. All expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS) products produced by Foamex are made using only fire retardant grade raw material to significantly reduce the risk of fire, improve personal and public safety, and offer better property protection.

“Using EPS has environmental benefits due to the significant reduction of concrete required. A lot of people aren’t aware that the production and use of concrete is the third largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world and its use continues to grow around the world,” explains Kelsey.

A long-serving member of Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA), Foamex is an environmentally conscious organisation that has taken several measures to ensure correct handling of the material onsite as well as reduce waste. EPS blocks are delivered to construction sites tightly wrapped together with plastic shrink wrap, and then further secured onsite with netting attached to pegs in the ground to minimise risk of blow-away and damage.

Foamex also supplies building sites with large plastic bags to store EPS off-cuts and leftover polystyrene, which are then returned to the factory and repurposed into new EPS products, completely eliminating waste.

Foamex EPS blocks can be custom created to any specific width, length and thickness dimensions required by the project.

Foamex EPS blocks for your next project

Foamex Styroboard EPS blocks are versatile building products ideal for use in a range of building and construction applications.

Durable and long-lasting, Styroboard EPS blocks are lightweight for easy application, weather-resistant, long-lasting and durable, and provide high levels of thermal insulation. Foamex EPS blocks also offer excellent acoustic benefits and are virtually impervious to water, unlike other alternatives.