Floorsafe Australia introduces a new range of safety stair nosings designed to prevent the hazards of slippery stairways in an affordable way.

Smooth stairways can be dangerously slippery. When the edges of steps are not highlighted, the fall accident rate increases two-fold leading to life threatening consequences. 

Floorsafe Australia has added a new affordable range of fibreglass stair nosing products to their safety solutions. Unlike other stair tread products, the new safety yellow and black hazardous design highlights both the top and face surfaces of each tread. 

Floorsafe’s new fibreglass stair nosing is available in full lengths; alternatively, Floorsafe can custom cut to fit each step to prevent wastage. A standard stock size of 30mm x 70mm is always available in hazardous, plain safety yellow or black. Larger step sizes are available upon request.

Choosing one of Floorsafe safety products can help prevent fall accidents at the workplace. Avoiding accidents will also reduce the chance of workers’ damage-compensation claims and lead to lower insurance premiums. Safer walk surfaces have been proven to lead to higher productivity.

Floorsafe Australia provides quality and reliable safety solutions cost-effectively. Products can be purchased for DIY or arrangements can be made for one of their Australia wide applicators to provide a full installation service.