The new cork and rubber deck treads from Floorsafe International are the ideal solutions for frequently wet areas such as boat decking, stairways and pontoon decking. They provide extra anti slip protection in both wet and dry conditions, and are particularly useful on moving objects where the risk of slipping and causing injury is high. The deck treads feature diamond shaped studs which not only improves friction, but lower level water drains away quickly.

The available pad size is 125 by 290 millimetres, and 42 by 3 millimetre strips, both with a 3 millimetre thickness. The deck treads are so lightweight at only 100 grams which makes them easy to install, along with the peel and stick backing. They have a slip resistance rating of R12 in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand guidelines. The chemical resistance is high, resisting common acids, alkalis, oils and greases. Floorsafe International decking treads are available in six different colours, Pacific Blue, Black, Dark Cream, White, Storm Grey and Squail Blue, which means they will suit any colour scheme.