Floorsafe International  has developed two types of anti-slip resistant safety tapes which are high quality and durable. Floorsafe International guarantees they can offer the best price and range and offer trade discounts. The self adhesive tape types include photoluminescent striped floor hazard tape and checker plate anti-slip tape. Both rolls are 18 metres in length and come in a range of colours including black, white, red, green, grey, yellow/black striped, and glow in the dark, clear non-abrasive and clear heavy duty.  

Photoluminescent striped floor hazard tape is charged by natural or artificial lighting and acts as a preventative measure for floors under construction or slippery. The checker plate anti-slip self adhesive tape is ideal for use on Dunbar or checker plates. It is made from soft aluminium foil and coated with aluminium oxide grit. The tape can adopt the texture of the plate, is flame retardant and non-plastic. As foil has no memory, it will not raise off the surface.