Flexshield supplied their acoustic curtains to minimise noise from demolition activities being carried out at a construction site in Barangaroo South.

Construction company Lend Lease sought a sound control solution for their project site where hydro demolition activities were being undertaken, which resulted in huge noise problems for other stakeholders in the area. Acoustic curtains, also known as acoustic blankets or sonic curtains were supplied by Flexshield to address the problem.

Site engineers explained that the noise from the demolition activity was so high that it affected the surrounding stakeholders and the work could not be continued. Flexshield quickly responded to their urgent request for a noise control solution by supplying over 100 noise curtains within a couple of days. The entire work area was encapsulated with the acoustic curtains, minimising the noise emissions and allowing the hydro demolition activities to continue without a problem.

Flexshield’s acoustic curtains achieve excellent levels of noise reduction by combining both sound barrier and noise absorption technologies into a single soundproofing product.

Available for purchase, or for hire as a temporary noise barrier, Flexshield’s industrial sound blankets can be installed by companies to comply with required government regulations, provide safe and enjoyable working conditions, and increase efficiency and profits.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, Flexshield’s soundproof blankets can be easily cleaned when soiled and are fireproof. The acoustic curtains can be quickly installed by simply hanging them from temporary site fencing and scaffolding. The durable sonic curtains are ideal for both short and long term applications.