Flexshield presents the revolutionary custom-fit earplugs from SonoLab designed as an efficient noise protection alternative to conventional foam earplugs.

SonoLab’s custom-fit earplugs are designed to fit the exact shape of the individual’s ears to provide full or attenuated protection without compromising user comfort. SonoLab custom-fit earplugs combine the proven superior performance of custom hearing protection with the convenience of a DIY fitting system that ensures ease of insertion.

SonoLab custom-fit earplugs deliver several benefits in comparison with traditional-style foam earplugs.

The one-size design of traditional foam earplugs leads to discomfort with the wearer discarding them after a period of time. The poor fit also reduces the noise protection qualities of the earplugs. The roll-to-fit process is not only time-consuming but also unhygienic as it can cause ear infections. Additionally, rolling the foam earplugs and inserting them into the ears can result in incorrect fitment.

The disposable nature of foam earplugs also leads to continuous expense and wastage. Additionally, traditional foam earplugs cannot be tested outside the laboratory, resulting in unmeasurable performance.

Being custom-fit, SonoLab earplugs offer correct fitment every time ensuring comfort to the user. Key benefits also include superior acoustic seals for adequate noise protection; ergonomic handle for fast and easy insertion; excellent hygiene with personal plugs and a care kit; affordable with one-time cost and 2-year warranty; lower environmental impact with reusable solution; and measurable performance with SonoPass software, resulting in reduced hearing loss claims.

SonoLab earplugs have an average attenuation of 30dB, and can be tested and calibrated for optimal performance. Each set of SonoLab custom-fit earplugs is sold as a complete kit composed of a single use headband, a lubricant bottle, faceplates, a detachable cord and name tag, a carrying pouch, a cleaning wipe and manuals. 

Pre-docked onto a single-use headband system, SonoLab earplugs allow for a Do-It-Yourself custom fitting in less than 10 minutes.